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Detectives and Forensic Investigation
Secured Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a team of energetic, technically sound Forensic Experts, lead by Mr. Vikas K Tiwari – Head Forensic Division. Mr. Vikas Tiwari is M.Sc in Forensic Science from Dr. Hari Singh Gour University Sagar (M.P.) with specialization in Questioned Documents & Fingerprint. He has exposure to CBI (Central Forensic Science Laboratory) New Delhi; State Forensic Science Laboratory, Madhya Pradesh; State Forensic Science Laboratory,Gujarat. He has several years of experience in the field of Forensic investigation, Forensic photography, Surveillance, Documents & Fingerprint analysis, Court procedure and preparation of Expert opinion for Justice. During this time he has worked at different locations of India for investigative solution of our clients. We have a wide network of our Experts at different business locations.

The team also includes Dr. Deepti Andharmule, Dr. S. K. Dhenge (Forensic Expert), Mrs Anuja Shrivastva, Mr. P.D. Rathore ( Forensic Expert). It is a multifacet investigation group providing confidential private investigations / special investigation services to individuals, corporations, insurance, government, financial institutions & social organizations. We have been providing dedicated and high quality investigation services in India since year 2003. we have compliment of highly experienced, qualified and dedicated team of forensic experts, investigating officers & Detectives, providing reliable and cost effective investigation solution for the detection of different type of frauds.

Our expertise in the investigative and forensic areas
  • Guide for Justice.
  • Opinions on disputed handwritings, signatures, finger print, fraudulent additions and alterations, forgeries, anonymous letters.
  • A Qualified Expert in the Field of Ballistics.
  • Opinion on Homicide, Suicide & Accidental Deaths.
  • Available for appearing in Hon'ble courts as a witness.
  • Forensic photography of disputed documents in courts.
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction and Facial Reconstruction.
  • Consultation on forensic questioned documents preparation of cross examinations for lawyers.
  • Preparation of technical and legal arguments.
  • Developments of latent finger print from objects & papers.
  • Online Forensic Expert Service.
  • Identification of highly disguised writing in any language.
  • Preparation of finger print specimen chart.
  • Opinion on different script like English, Urdu, Hindi and Indian regional scripts.
  • Lifting chance Finger Prints from smooth surfaces and papers using chemicals.
  • Tips on Evidence in Courts & Cross Examination.